General conditions of sale G.M.C. Racing

If you please, read carefully these general sale and delivery conditions.

In general:

These sales condition are the only one recognized by G.M.C. Racing Anzelini Giuliano and Marco (hereinafter G.M.C. Racing), for all commercial transactions, unless special written conditions we agreed on exceptional grounds. 

  • Prices

All the prices we quoted are per unit, ex our sales and Euro currency point. The validity of the prices indicated in the written offers, sent by mail, newsletter, e-mail or fax is limited. In any case, G.M.C. Racing reserves the possibility of reviewing the prices communicated or shown, following their variation due to supply problems or fluctuations in the official exchange rates or currency exchange listing. However, the customer will be informed about potential changes of the price, and has the right to cancel the order without any penalty.

  • Orders

Orders can be carried out by phone, fax or e-mail or by consulting our On-Line Shop. 

In the orders must be clearly stated the name or business name of the payer, tax or VAT if any, telephone number and mailing address, and also any special modality of delivery, the desired delivery and preferred carrier. Obviously, all these figures must be all true. Incomplete orders will not be taken into consideration.

G.M.C. Racing reserves the right to request confirmation of the order, with a payment of a deposit or prepayment of the material, depending on the product ordered. We advise you that any cash on delivery not withdrawn, implicates a penalty in the future orders, that must be authorized by the sales responsible. 

Order confirmations required by the customer are not binding if the materials are not in stock.

On the contrary, the minimum order quantities are binding and are indicated in any offers and order confirmations. If this information is absent, the minimum quantity is the single piece for the materials in stock and the meter for cables, hoses, tubes and so on.

  • Delivery and order processing

Delivery will take place according to the terms agreed in the order. In case of absence of agreement, we will send the material  by the system that we consider more suitable.

Orders will be processed as quickly as possible. In case of temporary unavailability of certain items, we reserve the right to delay the delivery until the availability of the material. If the wait is too long, the customer will be informed, and he will decide in the meantime to be sent the goods that are available. If some order items are no longer available due to obsolescence or ceased production, we reserve the right to consider the current orders as processed. We also note that all orders are entrusted to couriers and G.M.C. Racing is not to be considered responsible for any damage, late delivery or loss of material, thus the goods travel at the recipient's/customer's risk and expense. The delivery times indicated in the offers are not binding.

  • Defected materials, improper delivery and damage

The customer is required to check the goods upon delivery. He has 14 days to claim for defects of origin of the goods or wrong delivery, after which the material will be deemed to be accepted and not be held longer than any account and any complaints.

If the complaint is accepted by our sales office, the return of the goods must be agreed with our "shipping department and made". G.M.C. Racing will replace it in the shortest time possible. 

These same conditions are valid also for goods that have been ordered incorrectly, except per transport, which must be prepaid.

If the customer does not accept the replacement, he will be issued a credit note.

In case of damage to the good due to the transport, the customer must notify the carrier immediately (fill in the "damaged package" marked field). 

G.M.C. Racing is not responsible for damage due to transport of goods, even if it is carried out by couriers chosen by us.

  • Right of withdrawal and rejection of goods ordered

As the requirements foreseen regarding the sale by mail order, the private client (not registered for VAT), who makes a purchase by mail order has the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days of receipt of goods,  giving the timely written notice. The customer has the right to return the goods intact (never installed and equal to the new to be able to sell to an another customer as new). The only exception can be made in the case in which the customer or the company decides to order by choosing a product that at the time of the order is not available (easily identified because next to the picture there is not the indication "usually shipped within 24 hours" or communicated via email or phone). It means that the customer takes commitment "exclusive" with G.M.C Racing, so if the buyer later decides to cancel the order, there can be no refusal of goods term, as the materials have been built under his instructions and specific needs. 

  • Guarantee

The components described in the invoice are distributed and sold by G.M.C. Racing for use in vehicles and/or engines designed and built by people not associated and/or controlled by G.M.C. Racing. It is therefore not recommended or contemplated a specific use of the same since the conditions of use of such components could be created on the same or on other details of the stresses or very severe problems and beyond any possible expectation. G.M.C. Racing distributes and sells these products without any commercial and/or technical guarantee and therefore the buyer and/or user, who has checked these components, is the only one to decide how and where to use them in the application of its design, assuming the installation of these components all risks and any lost earnings or sales, losses, costs of replacement goods or services, business interruption, damage to property or persons or animals or any direct, indirect, incidental, patrimonial damages that may result. Thus, G.M.C. Racing does not accept any charge due to defects of the delivered material or related work performed to install our components.

We remind you that our products are to be used only on racing vehicles when the Regulation allows them. They are not approved for road use and absolutely must not be installed to replace the original parts of road vehicles. Our products have the prerogative and goal to provide better "performances" to the detriment of everything else, such as, reduced life, more noise, more vibration, higher consumption, etc. For all these reason, the customer accepts the conditions in their entirety.

The materials found on the market on behalf of the client (those not present on our on-line catalog and required under your direction) are provided as they are, without warranty. Thus, any complaints about the quality of these components is not accepted (oxidation, lack of documentation, lack of packaging, finishing, etc.).

The materials sent to manufacture or service providers for repairs, treatment or replacement under warranty, travel at the risk and expense of the customer.

The G.M.C. Racing products can be recognized thanks to the written screen-printed on them or with labels or on the same packaging. Their alteration or removal due to the dealer/user, will result a lack of recognition from the G.M.C. Racing in case of service, warranty, repair or other problems detected.

  • Availability

The availability of materials are subject to prior sale, except for holidays and barring unforeseen circumstances, unless otherwise indicated dates on offer or order confirmation. 

  • Payments

The payments methods are defined before submitting the materials. Bank transfer and transaction by credit card or Paypal are generally preferred. There is also the chance to require payment on cash on delivery for amounts less than € 990, to be paid in cash, as the courier does NOT accept checks. However, you will be suggested automatically all the possibilities of payment accepted by us before the order confirmation.

If an order is cancelled or a cash on delivery is refused, the suspension of our supplies is authorized. Additional future supplies will have to be authorized by our office administration and will always have to be paid in advance before the eventual delivery.

  • Tax exemption and exports

The exportation of goods to countries outside the EEC is governed by the regulation in force. The customer that will be exempt from VAT payment, must send us a copy of the declaration of intent before the delivery of the goods. 

Goods purchased directly from citizens or companies outside the EEC, must be paid in advance by bank transfer or credit card. We reserve the right to withhold a security equal to 20% of the value of the goods until the receipt of the documents has been exported.

  • Support

The customers that buy directly from G.M.C. Racing have the right to enjoy a dedicated professional technical support. It enables them to be in direct contact with our staff and learn more and more about the product purchased. The validity of this support is extended only to the direct buyer and for the material bought and own. For this reason, the invoice proving the actual purchase can be required.

All this implies that G.M.C. Racing cannot provide any kind of assistance or support for materials that have not been bought directly from our company. This is also true for purchased material "allegedly used or allegedly given him".

In the case of material purchased from a dealer or a coach, the latter will inform and relate directly with the technical department of G.M.C. Racing, just because the existing relationship is unique and direct with those who have been made the purchase. 

Our support brings significant added value to the product purchased, especially when the same product can also be found elsewhere, but it could have very different installations and use according to the application sought. Only our suggestions, accrued from our experience, can provide winning results.

  • Personal data

The data provided by the customer for billing are considered correct, even if the computer billing systems indicate errors. The customer has to check and communicate promptly any error in the personal data. He is also required to promptly notify in writing (mail or fax) any change in personal data and the accuracy of data entered under the art. 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree n. 445/2000.

G.M.C. Racing has no responsibility for mistakes or problems arising from the use of incorrect data supplied by the customer.

G.M.C. Racing is not to be considered responsible for the data provided via the internet or by e-mail.

  • Privacy policy

The processing of personal data takes place through manual means, computer and data in the way provided and, in any event, with all the necessary precautions to ensure the protection of the information and confidentiality. The personal data is processed by G.M.C. Racing for purposes related to business activities and therefore the issuance of documents and communications related to trading transactions.

According to the article 13 of law 675/1996, the person concerned has the right to know the existence of a file containing his personal information, the use that G.M.C. Racing makes of his data, the deletion of his data from the archives, except those required for legal and tax purposes and all the rights that the law 675/1996 grants.

The guardian of the personal data of all customer is:



38013 FONDO (TN)

  • Acceptance of the rules

The issuance of an order or a request for quote to G.M.C. Racing, even written, by telephone, verbal or by any other means, indicates implicitly the acceptance of all conditions stated on this page.

  • Various

It is possible to find the supplement of these conditions on the pages of our services, the treated materials and price lists.

All trademarks treated by G.M.C. Racing are the sole property of their respective owners.

The countries of origin, given the particular nature of the goods handled, cannot be identified, unless clearly identified on the materials themselves. G.M.C. Racing is not to be considered responsible for directions given by third parties. 

  • Disputes

For any legal matter, please contact: STUDIO LEGALE LORENZO WIDMANN VIA E. BERGAMO 9, 38023 CLES(TN)

However, apply the laws and regulations. All content, pages, text and images are the exclusive property of ANZELINI F.LLI DI ANZELINIGIULIANO E MARCO S.N.C.