From their great passion for the engine world showed from their early childhood, the two brothers Giuliano and Marco established G.M.C. Racing. They inherited this passion from their father, who was a Vespa's and vintage cars enthusiast and a collector of engine components and spare parts. The possibility to work on real engines and the availability of the right tools gave Marco and Giuliano the chance to take apart and put together again the engines and components very soon. What started as a game, gave them the know-how and the experience that today they put in their work. G.M.C. Racing officially opened in 2006 and, over the years, they have been perfecting the manufacturing of upgrading kits, intercooler, stainless steel and titanium exhausts for different models of race cars. Each G.M.C. racing product is a unique piece, whose development is carefully followed in every single step, from the design to the manufacturing and the final testing. 
Over the years, new highly specialized experts have enriched the G.M.C. staff. At the same time, the company invested in technical equipment both for the design and the manufacturing of various components to guarantee an efficient and precise work. The staff can count on a CNC machine and since 2016 a dyno test bench. Since 2014 G.M.C. Racing also participates in the Italian championship Time Attack Italia, both as sponsor and as racer with its cars. 
Thanks to the high quality of the products, the company made very soon a name for itself in the automotive environment. This allowed G.M.C. Racing to start important collaborations and partnerships with national and international companies. G.M.C. Racing can count on many dealers in Italy and abroad. At the same time, prominent enterprises such as Tial USA and Haltech Australia rely on G.M.C. Racing for the supply of their products on the Italian territory. 
Since 2018, the company owns a HAAS CNC center, model UMC-750SS, with a HYPERMILL management software for the manufacturing of components machined from solid. Our technical lab designs from scratch or following the file provided by the customer any components or prototype to meet any customer's request. The CNC manufacturing phase allows constant control and guarantees precision and high quality for each product made. According to the specific need of the customer, we can produce different types of finishing. 
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